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Reveal and maintain a radiant, ageless skin with our skin care treatments and caring approach designed to meet your individual and unique skin care needs.
Worry about the appearance of Cellulite on your thighs, abdomen and buttocks? Our Infrared Body Wraps and EndyMed 3Deep RF procedures will help to improve the appearance of your body in just a few visits.
Welcome to Georgia Vlanti's MAKING FACES official site. Georgia has been practicing Skin and Body Care since 1987 and she has a corrective, preventive and maintenance approach to a healthy, radiant skin. She believes that your face is one of your most valuable possessions and like many other possessions you have, it needs looking after. It has been observed that the women who spent the most time and trouble looking after their faces tend to have smoother, less lined complexions as they get older.
We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the way you look and the way you feel about yourself. Come and experience the finest in service and innovative anti-aging and wellness treatments.

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Georgia, the owner and aesthetician at Making Faces, Newport Beach, California, offers a very carefully selection of skin treatments to help address her clients' concerns about their skin and to meet and exceed their expectations. High performance treatments, the latest technology in Facial Equipment together with the most advanced ingredients in skin care products, a relaxing and caring atmosphere guarantee an experience you want to repeat and recommend. Please continue browsing through the pages and give Georgia a call. You deserve it.

A Word from the Owner

“I have been practicing skin care since 1987 after getting my education and certification in Skin and Body Care with emphasis on how to maintain a healthy, good looking skin throughout the years. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and got my education in Skin Care in London, England.

My interaction and taking care of my clients over the years has given me a unique experience and knowledge to understand and appreciate that each one of us has a different kind of skin problem and concern from simple breakout out to severe acne, from sensitivity to Rosacea, from few dark spots to photo-damage, from few fine lines to deep wrinkles, from decreased oxygenation to lack of glow, from firmness to loss of elasticity.”
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